Kinolog Schikaneder Cinema

18. June 2014, 8 pm
Kinolog: fremdartig
Schikaneder Cinema, Vienna
Film screening and discussion

Istanbul, straddling Europe and Asia, divided by the Bosporus, linking Black Sea and Mediterranean, traversed by numerous ferries, is at the centre of huge demonstrations against the government in 2013.
During this time I enter a ferry, zigzagging east to west, back and forth; life is suspended for a moment. It is quiet in the center of things, like in the eye of a storm. The sense of something overwhelming is looming that exceeds us though we are part of it. The camera traverses views and perspectives, mirroring the geographical crossroad of the city. Everything drifts by like a memory, in the see-sawing movements and shifts of memory at work. The film is a visualization of the often highly complex global interconnectedness which is hard to grasp because we are in the centre of things.